The time has come to say enough of so much pedantry in the art world. Is it really necessary that we must carry on thinking of art as something only worthy of supernatural beings? That museums are temples where we can render them tribute, and to pursue art dealers as if they where the holders of the keys to paradise? We must stop are chase in breaking the rules in our attempt to catch up with modernity and try to redefine a new set of rules to save us from so much stupidity.

First it is necessary to abandon the Romantic spirit that matches art with affectedness. Nor is the artist necessarily a damned nor has his work to be considered any deferent from any other worker.

Second, although the boundaries between art and artisan work regarding the final product are lost (Picasso´s ceramics are considered as sculptures) it is not the same as to the workers, critics take care in distinguishing between the artist and the craftsman. This is ridiculous and unnecessary.

Third, the art market is the only one in which there is more production in absolute terms than there is demand. This makes it necessary to inflate the value of certain works by means of the fictitious marketing, that is why there is so much stupidity surrounding the art world.

Fourth, given the above, it is not surprising that the people who maintain this fiction (galleries, collectors, museums..) pursue ways of inflating the prices by means of appealing to factors that are not quantifiable: the unique personality of the artist, his trajectory.. and of course the prestige of the gallery or institution.

From this we can deduce that it is necessary to redefine the artist position in society. He can not give in to the speculator and turn his work into some sort of commodity. He definitively has a need of the spectators for they are the final means of gaining the desired communication between artist and society. So why limit the access to art by putting the prices far from the reach of main stream society. Even artist who don´t have a special demand for their work are infected by this absurdness, elevating the price asked so much that it is finally impossible to buy anything. The objective would be to create a net-work of galleries administrated by the artists in each neighborhood. Where the price would be in accordance with the work involved. This way it would be possible to bond society with art in a more fluent manner.

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